Title: Reflection

Description: Sometimes it's nice to step back, reflect and appreciate where you've been placed. This photo is a reflection of my shirt superimposed on the city from my office on the 17th floor. It's my attempt to look out at San Francisco and capture its wonder and magic. At its heart, this city's history runs deep in its architectures with Victorian houses while striving for modernity with recent developments like the Millennium Tower. Its citizens are its muscles which work hard every day, helping the city thrive, and its skin exhibits the creative imaginations of local Bay Area artists, from urban knitting to t-shirts of hungry dinosaurs. And of course, my favorite part - at its belly is a booming, melting pot of tasty, tasty food culture - sandwiches included.

I entered my first photo competition, and I received honorable mention, so my photo will be published in Dwell's upcoming book, "World Views".